Work in progress for the Israeli air force foundation.

Animation keyframes.


Filming & editing. 

A night at the karaoke.

Business Card for Textile designer Amit Gilboa.

A series of houses in Ossining, NY. 
Taken after christmas of 2008.

digital illustrations and motion graphics;
Dreams as an endless assembly line of inspiration. Original work was a cooperation between print and motion screening.

made for personal language course @ shenkar, mentored by Asaf krebs. Year #4 2013.

The “level up” arcade museum is an identity design project for an imaginary arcade machines museum.
Key values​​: bold, International, colorful.

project was made as a part of Identity design course @ Shenkar college in 2012.
Mentored by: Noy Neiman.

TRASH from Mor Rabinov on Vimeo.

A graphic identity i made as a part of “channel identity design” course at shenkar. 
mentored by: Eran stern.

עיצוב סטורי בורד לפתיח חדש לתכנית “צינור לילה”
עוצב כחלק מסדנת עיצוב פתיח גרפי בהנחיית נועה הבר. שנקר 2012.

Wikilake project.

רגעים • Moments from Mor Rabinov on Vimeo.

Final project of my 4 years visual communications studies. The project is in hebrew and is talking about the reason why I cherish objects and why i have piles of stuff that i just can’t get rid of.

Mentor: Alon Alpert.

Voiceover: Noa Rosin.

Sound: Soundance studio.